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  • Club Map

    Hundreds of the UK’s best club cars will be packed into the show - check out the map below for details of where they’re located and make sure you don't miss your favourite! 

    The Club area has been kindly sponsored by Vibe and Ground Zero. 

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  • Fast Car Vs Banzai

    There are some great rival in the Japanese car scene: Evo vs Impreza, Supra vs Skyline and Fast Car vs Banzai and at The Fast Car Festival the two magazines will be going head-to-head in the best magazine stand competition.

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  • SamcoSport - Official Hose Partner

    SamcoSport provide high performance silicone hoses for the automotive sector, covering a very diverse range of applications.

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  • Retro Japanese Magazine Display

    Retro Japanese Magazine will be joining us at The Fast Car Festival with an eclectic collection of cars as diverse as the magazine itself !

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  • 911UK & GT Porsche Display

    We’re pleased to announce that 911UK will be teaming up with GT Porsche magazine for an impressive display of 911s from across three decades for The Fast Car Festival 2017.

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  • ValetPRO sponsor Show & Shine!

    ValetPRO Announce THE FAST CAR FESTIVAL Sponsorship 

    The warm weather means a few things here at ValetPRO. It means BBQs after work, getting inadvertently sunburnt all too often and the sight of pale legs poking out of the bottom of shorts in the warehouse. But it also means it’s car show and race car season – a real staple of summer time for all of the ValetPRO team.

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  • Central Lotus

    Central Lotus, the latest addition to the Lotus dealership network, will be attending The Fast Car Festival for the second consecutive year. 

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  • Aston Martin Vulcan

    Joining us again at The Fast Car Festival for 2017 is one of only 24 Aston Martin Vulcans in the world! 

    The Aston Martin Vulcan is Aston’s track-only, one-77-based answer to McLaren’s GTR and Ferrari’s FXX programme. It’s got 820bhp and a cool price tag of almost £2million! 

    This is one of the world’s most exclusive cars and will be at the Festival for show-goers to admire. 

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  • Synchro Motorsport

    We’re excited to announce that joining us for 2017 will be Synchro Motorsport of Honda of the UK Manufacturing. 

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  • The Toyo Tires Live Stage

    We’re pleased to announce that The Fast Car Festival will be partnering up with Toyo Tires who will be taking over our live stage at Donington Park on 2nd July!  

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  • Feature Car Stands

    The UK’s largest motoring magazine publisher will be displaying feature cars at The Fast Car Festival from some of the best-known motoring brands from the newsstand.

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  • The Lotus Drivers Club

    We’re pleased to announce that joining us for the second consecutive year is the Lotus Drivers Club. 

    The club is what it says on the tin, a club dedicated to Lotus owners who ultimately have a passion for driving. Mix that with a show that celebrates everything on four wheels and the historic Donington Circuit at the heart and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable show. 

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  • Blue Pig Photography Magazine Cover Shoot

    Have you ever dreamed of your car appearing on the cover of your favourite magazine?
    Blue Pig Photography are offering you the chance to make that dream come true with an exclusive, personalised cover shoot at the 2017 The Fast Car Festival. 

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  • Toyo Tires Challenge

    Fancy yourself as an F1 pit lane mechanic? Reckon you can change a wheel as quick as those mechanics? This year we’re teaming up with renowned tyre manufacturer, Toyo Tires, to find out who can change a set of four wheels the quickest at this year’s Fast Car Festival. 

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  • Hardrace - Official Chassis Partner

    Hardrace was founded in 1998 and specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for race and road cars.

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  • KSport - Official Brake Partner

    KSport UK is the world’s largest KSport brake distributor and has been working hand in hand with the factory since the release of the very first prototypes.

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  • BC Racing - Official Suspension Partner

    Coilovers from BC Racing are the pinnacle of adjustable performance for your ride. They’re designed to compete at the very highest levels and take the punishment of circuit and fast road abuse in their stride.

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  • BC Forged Wheels - Official Wheel Sponsor

    Looking for an improved look with the benefit of saving weight? BC Forged Wheels can offer this with their wide range of both Monoblock and Modular designs.

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  • Entrance Photography

    Photography UK will be offering arrival photographs of you and your car as you make your way into the show!

     With professional photographers situated at key points, they’re sure to grab a snap of you and your car as you make you way into the show!

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  • 200 MPH Club

    New for 2017, The Fast Car Festival is honouring the machinery that has gone upwards of 200mph, whether in standard form or heavily modified, with a paddock dedicated to the 200mph club. Topping 200mph may not seem like an incredible feat on paper given the calibre of supercars and hypercars built in the modern world.

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  • MpireUK Display

    We are pleased to announce for The Fast Car Festival 2017 we will be teaming up with renowned car community MpireUK to put on a 100 car display including cars from BMW’s M division, Mercedes’ AMG, Audi’s RS range, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Aston Martins and Maseratis to name just a few. 

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  • Supercar Driver

    We’re delighted to announce that Supercar Driver will be joining us for the second year running at The Fast Car Festival. 

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  • Goodridge

    The Fast Car Festival is delighted to welcome the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of fluid transfer systems, Goodridge as the official brake line partner of the Fast Car Entertainment series of events! 

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  • Harper Adams University Motorsport Club

    We’re delighted to announce a new and exciting feature for The Fast Car Festival 2017 in the form of a live build from the Harper Adams University Motorsport Club! The club is made up of students from across the University with the sole aim of introducing young people into motorsport. 

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  • Win a Honda S2000 GT!

    That’s right, last year one lucky winner drove away in a Ford Focus ST, this year we’re giving you the chance to drive away in one of the best sports cars ever made! 

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  • Sporting Bears Motor Club

    We are very happy to announce that Sporting Bears Motor Club will be joining us at The Fast Car Festival 2017 hosting its famous Dream Rides for show goers!

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  • The Hypercar Paddock

    Want to have a nosey around some of the most exclusive cars in the world?

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  • Club Displays

    Make sure to save time during your day at The Fast Car Festival to visit our dedicated club zone where performance machinery from across the globe will amass in our extensive club display areas.
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  • Motorsport Paddock

    In 2017 we’re celebrating motorsport with a paddock dedicated to famous examples and modern day track cars.

    The most iconic cars have always been those fired in the crucible of motorsport. Winning on circuit gives these ‘hero’ models enough kudos among the buying public to filter down to the high street and increase sales.

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  • Track Time

    The Fast Car Festival will be held at the legendary Donington Park, former Formula 1 circuit and this is your chance to walk in the footsteps of racing legends and take to that legendary asphalt in your own car!

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  • Individual Display

    If you’ve got a performance car that you want to display at The Fast Car Festival then you can be part of the show in our dedicated show paddock.

    If you’ve got a super car, sports car, hot hatch or performance saloon that needs to be seen by the punters - but you aren’t part of a club - then you can book your car into our Individual Display located at the heart of the Show. 

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  • Show & Shine -sponsored by ValetPRO

    The 2017 Fast Car Festival Show and Shine is kindly sponsored by ValetPRO! 

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  • Retail Village

    Do you need a part your car - don't forget fast cars can always be made to go faster! So if you want anything for your pride and joy from throttle bodies to wheels and camshafts to coil overs to merchandise and much more, then you’re sure to find everything you need in the Retail Village at The Fast Car Festival.

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  • Camping

    Why not make a weekend out of The Fast Car Festival and camp over? We’re offering the chance to camp at the event. Forget the early morning journey, and wake up on site feeling refreshed and ready for an epic day at the show!

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  • Ferrari F40 named the most iconic supercar in our poll

    Fans of The Fast Car Festival voted on their top 10 supercars of all time...

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  • 2016 Show Review!

    The Fast Car Festival 2016 Review

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  • Features coming soon! Save the Date!

    Stay tuned to see what we’ve got coming up for 2017! Join us on 2nd July 2017 at Donington Park. 

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