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Club & Stand Terms and Conditions



Defined Terms

1. The Event is organised by Kelsey Publishing Limited, subsequently referred to in these rules and conditions as the ‘Event Organisers.’

2. The term ‘Event’ shall refer to the event specified on the Event website booking page.

3. The term ‘Booking Form’ shall refer to the online website booking form setting out details of the Event and the Fee that the Club is required to complete in order to book Club Stand Space.

4. The term ‘Club’ shall refer to the club or individual named on the Booking Form.

5. The term ‘Club member shall refer to all personnel forming part of or associated, whether for reward or voluntarily by the Club.

6. The terms ‘Showground’ and ‘Event Site’ shall refer to the place where the Event takes place as specified on the Booking Form.

7. The term ‘Stand Space’ shall refer to that specific area hired by the Club for the sole purpose of displaying their display cars as specified on the Booking Form.

8. The term ‘Fee’ shall refer to the amount payable by the Club to the Event Organisers as set out on the Booking Form.



9. A binding contract for the purchase of Stand Space between the Event Organisers and the Club (the “Contract”) will be made when the Booking Form and payment of the Fee have been received in full.

10. Tickets and passes will be dispatched no later than one week before the Event. The Event Organisers are not liable for lost tickets.

11. By completing the online Booking Form, the Club hereby agrees to comply with these Event Rules and the ‘Conditions’.

12. The site plan provided by the Event Organisers is a guide only and does not form part of any Contract. The Event Organisers reserve the right to change the site plan at their discretion.

13. The Event Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to any Club or Club member.


Payments and Cancellation

14. 100% of the Fee is payable on application for Stand Space.

15. No Stand Space and/or personnel passes and/or vehicle passes will be allocated and no provision for will be made until full payment of the Fee has been received by the Event Organiser.

16. The sub-letting of all or part of any Stand Space by any Club to a third party Exhibitor is expressly forbidden unless authorised by the Event Organisers in writing prior to the Event.

17. No refunds will be made should the Event be cancelled for any reason by the Event Organisers.

18. No refunds will be made for any reason should a Club or Club Member not wish to attend the Event.


Club Obligations

19. The Club shall be responsible for ensuring that all gazebos, are suitably secured on soft or hard ground. A Risk Assessment Form must be completed by the appointed Club Secretary prior to the event if a Gazebo is to be erected.

20. If any gazebo, marquee or other temporary structure is deemed dangerous or unsafe by the Event Organisers or any appointed safety consultant then the item must be removed if the issue can’t be rectified and made safe.

21. All display material shall be positioned within the confines of the Stand Space.

22. No obscene material and/or display material and/or behaviour which could cause offence to visitors, or the Event Organisers (and their staff and stewards) will be allowed.

23. Clubs are permitted to sell branded club merchandise only.

24. Clubs are responsible for the cleanliness of their Stand Space and all rubbish must be removed to the rubbish skips provided.

25. Clubs are responsible for the safe keeping of all personal items and vehicles on their Stand Space. The Event Organisers will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to Club Members’ property howsoever caused.

27. Noise should be kept to a level such that it does not cause a disturbance to the Event Organisers or other visitors.

28. Clubs must not extend beyond the boundaries of their Stand Space.


Prohibited Activities

29. Under no circumstances will auctioning, pitching, raffles, tombola or pick-a-ticket stands be allowed at the Event without the written permission of the Event Organisers. If permission is granted, the conditions laid out in the 1976 Lotteries and Amusements Act must be adhered to.

30. The distribution of leaflets, posters or other promotional material outside the confines of the Stand Space is forbidden without the written permission of the Event Organisers.

31. Under no circumstances will any Club be allowed to display and/ or sell any product and/or service featuring the brands or logos of the Event Organisers unless agreed in writing by the Event Organisers.

32. The following are not allowed on the Event Site at any time: Animals; glass/bottles; bonfires; barbecues; mini motos, scooters or quads.


Display Vehicles

33. All vehicles to be displayed on the Stand Space must have a special vehicle pass, and must be placed within the confines of the area reserved for the Stand Space. Vehicles displayed outside the Stand Space will have to be moved by the Club to either the confines of the Stand Space or to the public car park.

34. All vehicles to be displayed which will be used for all or part of the display on Stand Space will be required to have a display vehicle pass.

35. All drivers and passengers within the display cars will each require a valid show entry ticket.

36. All vehicles must be in keeping with the style of the event. Any car deemed inappropriate will be refused entry.


Car Passes

36. The car pass is for the vehicle and is non transferable.

37. Must be clearly displayed at all times.

38. Anyone without a car pass must park in the public car park.

39. Stand space is for pre booked clubs only.

40. The stewards will have clear instructions to prevent vehicles not displaying the correct pass from entering the Stand Space area.



41. If it is deemed that a Club Member has booked and is not a valid member of that Club, they will be removed from the Club Stand and be allocated a display space within the Individual Display area. This is deemed to the allocated Club Secretary’s discretion.



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