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200 MPH Club

New for 2017, The Fast Car Festival is honouring the machinery that has gone upwards of 200mph, whether in standard form or heavily modified, with a paddock dedicated to the 200mph club. Topping 200mph may not seem like an incredible feat on paper given the calibre of supercars and hypercars built in the modern world. However, actually achieving 200mph is a totally different kettle of fish, and one that takes some guts. 

Joining us in the 200mph club will be a rather special Audi R8 V10. In standard form, the V10 R8 already packs a whopping punch with its 542bhp engine. So what happens when you strap a twin-turbo setup to the already potent engine? You get 900 horses screaming all the way to the 8,650rpm rev limit. That means that a 200mph dash is dispatched in next to no time. Sitting alongside the R8, and ultimately using the same engine (bar some extra modifications) is arguably the fastest Lamborghini on UK roads, a 1750bhp Gallardo Spider! Making use of a twin-turbo system developed by renowned American tuners Heffner performance, 0-60mph is dispatched in 2.8seconds, 0-200mph takes just 17.9seconds, four seconds quicker than the mighty Bugatti Veyron. A ¼ mile sprint is over in 9.6seconds at a staggering 161mph! Flat out, the Gallardo Spider might just be the fastest hairdryer in the UK as well, reaching 236mph. This is a truly unique one of one build that simply cannot be missed. 

Thanks to its strong flat-six engine and the addition of a couple of turbos, Porsche’s 911 Turbo has been a hit for tuners in recent years. The possibility of tuning sports cars and supercars quickly increases with the use of turbos. Tweaks can be made, following hardware upgrades to the breathing apparatus in the engine bay, while the ECU can be updated with this information in order to run higher boost pressures and fuelling, in turn producing more power. As a result, joining us in the 200mph club paddock will be a Porsche 911 Turbo S capable of doing such speeds, often competing with the likes of VMAX200 and Terminal Velocity. 

A 200mph club wouldn’t be complete without a car from across the pond. Welcome, then, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Featuring a 7.2litre fully-forged engine with Manley Stroker Kit, custom Lethal Racing Camshaft and American Racing Headers, peak power sits at 760bhp and 660ft lb of torque! You might want to protect your ears when this monster fires up… 

Image with thanks to Rob Overy


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