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Apex Performance

We’re delighted to welcome one of the UK’s top motorsport and performance brands as multi-show sponsors of a series of Fast Car Entertainment events including; Japfest Silverstone (, Japfest Donington (, TRAX (, Performance Vauxhall Show (, Ford Fair (, Ford Fest ( and The Fast Car Festival (

Apex look after multiple top automotive brands including K Sport, Hardrace, BC Racing, and BC Forged Wheels who will each have their own stand  with pliantly of exciting features at the Fast Car Entertainment events portfolio.   


Hardrace was founded in 1998 and specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for race and road cars. A pure enthusiasm for high speed and precise car control lead APEX a Yorkshire-based firm to specialise in the distribution of the HardRace chassis. A passion for innovation and an insistence on quality has meant that Hardrace provides the finest products using the latest materials and technology from performance bushings to anti-dust pillow ball suspension arms. Professional drivers test all of new Hardrace products to their limits on circuits under extreme conditions. This usually ensures that the product is right first time, but Hardrace will also respond to feedback and make modifications until you’re 100 per cent satisfied. To find out more, visit


KSport UK is the world’s largest KSport brake distributor and has been working hand in hand with the factory since the release of the very first prototypes. No other distributor has more experience of the KSport big brake kit range. The KSport kits have proven themselves to be able to hold their own in comparisons to the biggest and most established brands on the market, not only in terms of outright performance but also in their incredible reliability and durability. The special twin piston seal design has been shown to be more than a match for the worst that a British winter can throw at them and they shrug off salt and dirt without problem. Sticking pistons and failed leaking seals just don’t arise with these kits. To find out more, visit



Coilovers from BC Racing are the pinnacle of adjustable performance for your ride. They’re designed to compete at the very highest levels and take the punishment of circuit and fast road abuse in their stride. The BR Series Street and circuit coilover offer height adjustability via a bottom mount (to maintain full damper travel) aluminium top plates, pillowball upper mounts and a dust boot to protect the damper seals.

The dampers themselves incorporate a large 46mm diameter piston, housed within a 53mm diameter damper body to ensure maximum oil capacity. Damping has been worked out so carefully that BC units are filled with a viscosity of oil that favourably alters the damping to take account of the oil heating up during hard use. The large capacity of the oil reservoir in BC dampers reduces temperature fade of the oil keeping damping performance at the highest possible level. BC’s damper units are also pressurised with nitrogen gas that reduces the aeration of the oil and improves damper consistency and damping quality.

The BC range provides a great ‘bang for your buck’ coilover setup that mixes street and circuit use very well. With an entry-level price coupled with excellent performance, you’ll be hard pushed to find a coilover quite as capable for anywhere near the price tag. BC has provided something quite special with this range, for more information please visit:

BC Forged Wheels

Built to meet the JWL/VIA standards, BC Forged Wheels epitomise lightweight, high durability and strength to provide you with the visual upgrades you want at home, while also providing that extra weight saving on the track. Whether it’s a classic or contemporary look, BC Forged covers all basis thanks to their very own designs. Forming in 2010, BC Forged Wheels produce custom multipiece/monoblock wheels that are machined from T6061 aluminium with precision, which are then finished in various styles to the highest of standards. To find out more, visit


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